Choosing The Perfect Bathtub

The Optik freestanding tub by Maax.

Drop-in. Walk-in. Whirlpool. Even wood. Your range of selections for bathtubs in 2017 is wider than it has ever been — choosing just one can be confusing at best. When planning a new dream bath, here’s a simple guide to selecting a tub.

The Freestanding Tub

Victoria+Albert's Pescadero

At the top-end of the scale sits the freestanding tub. These beauties sit alone on a bathroom floor looking elegant and inviting. Typically a freestanding is a soaking tub — deeper than a standard model and divine for a whole-body soak. Vintage varieties include the wooden, the clawfoot and the slipper tub, but there many more to choose from, including this classic yet modern Pescadero tub by Victoria + Albert, or the eye-catching Optik Pink tub from Maax shown above. When considering this type of tub for your bathroom renovation, be sure you have ample space — the freestanding tub will be the star of the show!

The Drop In & The Undermount Tub

BainUltra’s Tekura tub shown as a drop-in (left) & undermount (right)

Think of a drop in tub as one you would drop into a structure – one with a deck or a rim that is the same level as the lip of the tub (see photo on left). Jetted and air tubs are often designed as drop ins, with one side of the structure removable for easy access for plumbing and maintenance. Some drop ins are dropped into the floor – as if they were sunk-in; their rims are flush with the floor. When considering this type of drop in, remember that it may be more difficult to lift yourself in and out of the tub. Knowles Plumbing has a wide selection of drop in tubs, including this Tekura (above) by BainUltra. The undermount tub is similar to the drop in. The difference: the tub’s rim is covered by a deck made of wood, marble, or tile (see photo on right, above).

The Alcove Tub

The alcove tub is perhaps the most standard tub found in a mid-century home. Typically it is rectangular in shape and installed against three walls, with one side accessible.  When considering this type of tub, determine if you need a right-hand or left-hand tub, which refers to which end the tub will drain. Our showroom at Knowles Plumbing represents an assortment of alcove tubs at many price points, including this sleek and modern Amalfi by Mirolin.

More Options to Choose From

L-R: Copper, Wooden & Walk-in Tub Options

For more design ideas — and assistance with choosing a bathtub that’s ideal for your space — please drop into our Muskoka showroom at 279 Manitoba Street in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. 705-645-2671