About Us

The Knowles Plumbing team celebrates more than 60 years of water care in Muskoka, servicing homes and cottages in lake country with installations, water on and off, and plumbing repair.

Founder – Stan Knowles

Stan Knowles

Stan Knowles (1925-2018), an avid skier, sailor, aviator, and a Muskoka native, began Knowles Plumbing in 1957 along with his wife Doris. Their showroom and service centre at 279 Manitoba St. has become a Bracebridge landmark.
Homes and businesses across Muskoka call Knowles for their plumbing needs, and Muskoka cottagers have been relying on Knowles to service their water systems for six decades. The late Stuart McLean once opened a Bracebridge episode of CBC’s Vinyl Café with this line: “There are only two seasons in Muskoka according to Knowles Plumbing — WATER ON and WATER OFF!”

In his spare time, Stan Knowles helped establish two local ski areas, he introduced thousands of local kids to skiing through school programs, and as a Level 4 ski pro, he is a member of the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (CSIA) Hall of Fame.


Michael Clipsham
Michael Clipsham
David Knowles
David Knowles

Knowles Plumbing is now owned and operated by Stan’s son David Knowles, and Stan’s son-in-law, Michael Clipsham. Michael is both a skier and a motorcycle enthusiast. Like his father, David is a Level 4 CSIA ski pro.

Together David and Michael have continued excellent service in the treatment of fresh water systems, waste water systems, and in everyday plumbing repair. Call 705-645-2671 to book an installation or service call.

Showroom Sales

Lisa Brown

Leading the sales team at Knowles is Lisa Brown, whose expertise and wealth of knowledge in bath and kitchen design is highly sought after in the Muskoka region. When planning a bathroom or kitchen renovation — or simply updating a tub, vanity, shower, faucet, basin, or toilet — drop in to browse our showroom or contact the sales team to book a consultation.

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