Plumbing Trends: Digital Showering in Spa Bathrooms

A recent survey conducted by The Bold Look of Kohler reveals that while 76 percent of homeowners are looking for a spa bathroom experience, only 14 percent actually achieve a spa-worthy atmosphere. Research shows owners crave a relaxed feel with neutral tones, calming colours, modern bathtubs, faucets, vanities, and toilets, plus high-tech, multi-jet showers. One of the most effective methods of achieving such calm is with a new innovation called a digital shower.

Spa Bathrooms: Showering with the Touch of a Button

Digital shower systems provide a spa experience with seamless, uncluttered, button-style digital valves that replace knobs and levers. No more fiddling with a myriad of chrome contraptions to achieve your shower’s ideal water temperature. With a digital shower, all it takes is the touch of a button.

Replacing an old manual shower setup with digital technology is doable and appropriate for almost any bathroom shower configuration. Pricing is comparable to traditional manual valve options, and it’s easy to tailor every aspect of the shower experience. Better yet, customizable presets allow for multiple users’ individual preferences.

Digital showers are intuitive and easy to use. They offer safe and accurate temperature control, and its eco-friendly: little water is wasted in finding the right temperature at the start of your shower. More to the point, digital showers cut clutter, eliminating handles and knobs for a cleaner, more streamlined spa bathroom experience.

Customization is another key feature of digital shower technology. Intuitive interfaces can meld water, sound, steam and light, all with a touchscreen, and all with the capability of transporting you from a simple home bathroom to a soothing and settling spa-like environment.

For More Information on Digital Showers for Spa Bathrooms

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Photos courtesy of Kohler/webarchives