Top Seven Trends in Bathroom Design

Black. Marble. Black marble. Exposed pipes. Wall art, wallpaper and wood. It’s all making a comeback this fall. Here’s a quick list of seven features trending in bathroom design in Autumn 2019. 1. Black Bathrooms – Black bathrooms are hitting the scene this year from walls to vanities, sinks and fixtures. 2. Marble – Countertops, … Read more

Funny Bathroom Signs

Keeping things light while we #stayathome, Knowles Plumbing searched up funny bathroom signs. A little inspirational wall art for your next bathroom renovation. Lessons learned while you do your business! Here are some of our favourites: Please remain seated during the entire performance! Just in case you get restless…   Have a Seat, Take a … Read more

Bathroom Decor: Shiplap

Shiplap in your Bathroom Traditionally associated with woodland cabins and coastal cottages, the versatility of shiplap makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom. Characterized by long horizontal or vertical wooden boards, shiplap is as much at home alongside modern architecture as it is in rustic properties thanks to its crisp lines and handcrafted quality. … Read more