Give Your Bath That Vintage Feel… Without Looking Dated

There are so many beautiful ways to style a home or living space, but the look and practicality of vintage design is truly one that is tried and true through time. Here are some ways to revamp the main rooms of a home with a vintage-inspired look, with the efficiency of modern functionality.

Farmhouse Sinks

“They don’t make them like this anymore” is a popular phrase we hear in the mass-produced world we live in today. Sinks like the Clarion by Strom Living is a 60″ Cast Iron Farmhouse Drainboard sink is actually an authentic reproduction of the original Farmhouse Drainboard Sink, a true American Classic of the 1920s. Made of cast iron, the quality and durability is unquestionable. This period-piece will instantly add vintage charm to your kitchen and will withstand the heaviest of use.

Victorian Porcelain

A material most well-loved in the Victorian time frame was porcelain – everything from tea sets to dolls were made with it. An instant way to give your bathroom vintage accenting would be to upgrade your bathroom sink faucet and fixtures is choosing one with a metal and porcelain material – giving some vintage detail to your powder room.


Wallpaper has made a huge comeback over the recent years. A beautiful way to revamp your living room without making a complete change with furniture or moving too many things around, is adding statement wallpaper to give your room a fresh look. There are so many vintage patterns and color palettes to choose from – here are some beautiful inspirations to help with your selection:

Freestanding tubs

The ultimate vintage luxury is a beautiful and timeless freestanding bath. The Huron by Strom Living (pictured above) is a 5′ Acrylic Slipper Tub, is the most gorgeous way to allow yourself to relax and treat yourself to a soak in vintage elegance. The legs and design are of premium quality and one-of-a-kind. All you need is some lavender bath oil and votive candles and you can melt away in your own Victorian spa.

Text and photos courtesy of StromLiving.

Bath & Kitchen Design: Creating a Gracious Life

Kohler vanity
Bathroom and kitchen design has always been about “people and making them feel better.” This according to Lun Cheak Tan, vice-president of industrial design at Kohler. In a recent interview with Monocle Magazine, the designer says his focus is to “elevate daily life” by easing burdens and streamlining tasks. The result has been the creation of intelligent toilets and touchless taps,”beautiful and smart products that provide for the physical as well as the mental and spiritual well-being of the people using them.” The effect makes for a simpler, gentler experience in the home, Tans says, – what he calls a “more gracious life”.
Kohler bathroom design

The effect makes for a simpler, gentler experience in the home, Tans says – what he calls “more gracious life”.

The Monocle article states that a more gracious life “includes – at the most basic level – meeting essential health needs by choosing materials and finishes that are anti-bacterial and stay clean longer. It’s about using clean lines and forms to reduce the spread of germs too. But it goes further: every interaction we have with an object can influence our mood and state of mind, and therefore our mental and spiritual health. Via innovations such as daylight-sensitive lighting and self-flushing toilets, Kohler’s designers “choreograph our movements and tasks in a more beautiful way,” says Tan.

Smart tech is different to high-tech – and Kohler’s intelligent toilet shows that smart tech is meaningful and thoughtful as opposed to gimmicky. Allowing for personalised control, it has touchless open and close functions, an integrated bidet and a heated seat to elevate your bathroom experience. It’s designed to be hygienic and relaxing to boot.

Kohler White bathroom

For more information on Kohler’s gracious living ideas, read Monocle’s full article HERE. For more bathroom and kitchen trends, please visit Knowles Plumbing’s TRENDS page or check out our Instagram FEED!

Top Seven Trends in Bathroom Design

Black. Marble. Black marble. Exposed pipes. Wall art, wallpaper and wood. It’s all making a comeback this fall. Here’s a quick list of seven features trending in bathroom design in Autumn 2019.

1. Black Bathrooms – Black bathrooms are hitting the scene this year from walls to vanities, sinks and fixtures.

2. Marble – Countertops, floors or walls. Marble is a focal point regardless of how you use it.

3. Statement Art – Adding a bold piece of art is trending this year. Like other rooms in your house, adding art will change the feel of the space. It’s also a striking way to add some fresh colour.

4. Wallpaper – Powder rooms are coming alive with wallpaper. The bigger the pattern the better.

5. Black Faucets – Black is the new chrome. Mix it with other natural elements for a fresh new feel.

6. Exposed Plumbing – No longer are we hiding all the hardware. Adding exposed hardware to a modern bathroom gives it a clean minimalist feel.

7. Wooden Vanities – wooden vanities are making a comeback and adding some warmth to your room. Reclaimed wood or stained in a shade of your choice.

Drop into our Bracebridge showroom anytime for realtime views of bathroom and kitchen trends. 279 Manitoba St. Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. 705-645-2671

Source: Mirolin

Funny Bathroom Signs

Keeping things light while we #stayathome, Knowles Plumbing searched up funny bathroom signs. A little inspirational wall art for your next bathroom renovation. Lessons learned while you do your business!

Here are some of our favourites:

Please remain seated during the entire performance!

Just in case you get restless…


Have a Seat, Take a Sheet!

A little play on words…

Eat more fibre!

Some lessons to be learned…

Hope everything comes out ok!

Some best wishes…


Would poop here again!

This one got a five-star rating…

Ooh La La!

Don’t ask…

Every great journey begins with a trip to the bathroom!

Have truer words ever been spoken?

Get Naked!

The R-rated version…

Be wise, sanitize!

Apropos for #covid19 generation…


May your aim be with you!

Say it with Star Wars…

You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone!

Regrets, I’ve had a few…

They see me rollin’

A message from your friendly toilet paper roll…

The Best Seat in the House

Our favourite… because we sell GREAT toilets…


That’s it for now! Thanks for scrolling. Check us out online, or at our Muskoka showroom: 279 Manitoba Street, Bracebridge, Ontario. Muskoka’s Bath and Plumbing Centre. 705-645-2671

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White Bathrooms: Some Tips on Achieving The Clean Look


Crisp, pure, and clean, a white-on-white palette can have an extremely power­ful effect on the mind, clearing visual and mental clutter and paving the way to total relaxation. From tile to fixtures to vanities and accessories, a room drenched in white is calm and peaceful, whether it’s steeped in tradition or sleekly modern. No matter the size of your bathroom, white palettes invite in light for a blissful, spa-like atmosphere.

This relaxing beach-house retreat blends a palette’s worth of white shades for a casual, tropical vibe that’s just right for relaxing. A marble floor feels cool on sun-warmed toes, and extends up the wall for a clean look with visual texture. Add spa-like luxury with a freestanding tub and programmable, personalized shower, and you can skip the day spa in favor of your own perfectly private space.

Tips for a Traditional White Bath

  • Bronze faucets add warmth and softness to the vanity and crown molding’s strong Craftsman-style details.
  • A room with several shades of white captures and reflects light in a unique way. Bright and refreshing in daylight, it glows with warmth at dusk.
  • Rinse off the sand under a rainhead, body sprays or a handshower, all controlled by a shower system you can program exactly to your liking.


Adding gleaming metallic accents to an all-white bath is a great way to infuse glamour and sparkle. As with fashion, an easy way to get the look is with accessories—in this case mixing the silvery faucet and light sconces with glints of gold in the glass cages, all against a brilliant white backdrop. A boldly framed mirror and an intricately patterned sink inspired by Moorish style create a focal point that ties the elements of the room together beautifully.

Tips for a Transitional White Bath

  • Blend a variety of materials to keep an all-white room from looking sterile. Sleek and shiny white tiles look softer next to a painted wood vanity.
  • For a subtle yet striking decorative touch that’s far from fussy, opt for a vessel-style sink with a decorative design that integrates metallic details.
  • Add extra interest with low-key Asian influences that don’t compete with the patterned sink, like a bamboo-style mirror and shoji-screen lighting.

In floor plans with ample space and budget, we’re seeing an increase in the overall size of a shower plus a separate bath for long soaks. Big showers don’t skimp on water experiences, including rainheads, showerheads, body sprays and steam to deliver a pampering spa experience. In a sleek, contemporary white bathroom, this already large shower looks even more expansive and open.

Tips for a Contemporary White Bathroom

  • Use mirrors that span the width of the walls to maximize an all-white room’s spacious feel.
  • A wall-hung vanity, with no legs or toe kicks to disrupt the floor-to-wall space, creates the illusion of expansiveness.
  • Soften a modern, all-white room with wood flooring in a light shade, a simple wooden chair, and a rug made from organic material.


For ideas, inspiration and advice, drop in to our Muskoka bath and kitchen showroom, 279 Manitoba St., Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

Photos and text courtesy of The Bold Look of Kohler. Knowles Plumbing is an authorized dealer.

How To Create A Bathroom Spa ahhhhh…

Calando Grande by Fleurco

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. The soothing environment does wonders for the mind, body and soul. While it’s difficult to get away, you can give yourself the gift of serenity by creating a rejuvenating and peaceful setting in your own space. Here are a few ways to create a spa bathroom at home.


Dreamy design

A serene space starts with a calming colour palette. Opt for neutral hues or a white color scheme for a light and airy feel. Incorporate elements like wood, bamboo and greenery to add a natural touch and bring the outdoors inside.

Latitude Show & Vanities

Streamline your space

Keep your vanity and counters clutter-free for a truly Zen experience. Tuck away cosmetics, toiletries, bottles and brushes in well-appointed drawers and medicine cabinets. Removing visual clutter will allow you and the space to breathe.


Soak it all in

Bath tips 1Let your stress slip away as you soak in a bubble-filled tub. Freestanding bathtub designs are the ultimate indulgence and instantly create a spa-like surrounding. Keep soap, lotions and candles within reach for a little extra pampering by adding a niche close by.


Let it rain

ShowerOpen up your space by installing a glass shower door. Not only will it give the illusion of a bigger bathroom, it will provide a more relaxing shower environment. The incorporation of a rain-shower head can take your shower experience from ordinary to extraordinary. As well, the addition of a shower seat provides the opportunity to sit back and relax under a luxurious shower rain head.



Fleurco Mirror

Appeal to all of your senses for the complete spa experience. Wrap yourself in warmth with ultra soft, high-quality towels and robes. Pamper yourself with a variety of scented bath products. Use soft or indirect lighting from a lighted mirror to enhance relaxation. For a final spa touch, include speakers to play your choice of relaxing music.


Follow these simple steps to create your own at-home spa bathroom. For more ideas and expert advice, drop into our showroom at 279 Manitoba St., Bracebridge, Muskoka, Ontario,.

Article courtesy of Fleurco

Bathroom Trends 2019: Ask Our Experts


Planning a bathroom reno for a home or cottage in Muskoka starts at Knowles Plumbing. Our experts can walk you through the latest in bathroom trends 2019, from lit “halo” mirrors to barn-style shower doors, urban rustic bathroom faucets, and seamless, groutless shower stalls. If your bathroom renovation is just in the planning stages, read on. We’ve asked our experts for you!

Q: What are the 2019 interior design trends for cottage bathrooms and kitchens?

A: Increasingly our customers are seeking a soothing, spa-like experience in their Muskoka baths. The use of clean, monochromatic elements (all one colour) helps achieve that sanctuary feel. Add faucets in shiny, polished chrome, a frameless, all-glass shower door, and a lit “halo” mirror for that spa-friendly warmth and glow. For an industrial look, black faucets and shower doors with black frames are also on trend now. In kitchens, granite composite sinks give a Muskoka home an earthy ambiance plus strength and durability. We’re constantly updating trends in our Bracebridge showroom and on our website; drop by if you’re planning—or just dreaming—about a bath or kitchen update.



Q: What design features are most often requested by your clients recently for these rooms?

We’re seeing a move away from tiled shower stalls as our customers are so tired of cleaning grout! Cultured marble walls are seamless, groutless, and easy to clean. Plus, they’re custom sized to fit your space. As our population ages, more and more clients are converting alcove tubs into walk-in showers, which offer clean lines, simple access, and a sleek, upmarket look. And we have a stunning line of grab bars in our showroom that don’t look like grab bars; they multi-task as shelves, towel bars, and handy soap dishes.


“There are so many shapes and styles of freestanding tubs to choose from, many with soothing air bubbles instead of jets, heated backrests, and integrated coloured lights…”

Q: How have interior design trends changed over the last five years?

Freestanding tubs are back and they’re hot! Think: classic bathtub with a chic, modern twist. Add a book and a beautiful view of a lake and you’re set! There are so many shapes and styles of freestanding tubs to choose from, many with soothing air bubbles instead of jets, heated backrests, and integrated coloured lights. Toilets are taller, smarter, and more comfortable now, with turbo flushes, elongated shapes, and slow-close seats. Single-handle faucets—instead of separate handles for hot and cold—are far more popular and practical in the bathrooms and kitchens of 2019.



“For a quick freshen-up, consider a new vanity with smooth, modern lines and a lustrous faucet.”

Latitude Show & VanitiesQ: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to update their family cottage’s old kitchen and/or bathroom without doing a complete renovation?

A: Renovations can run away from you fast so it’s best to keep them in check. For a quick freshen-up, consider a new vanity with smooth, modern lines and a lustrous faucet. Add a statement mirror and some knock-out art. Replacing a shower curtain with a glass shower door is another way to modernize. Of course, never underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint!


—Lisa Brown is director of sales at Knowles Plumbing ( . Pop by to browse the Bracebridge showroom, or make an appointment for a consultation and quote on parts and fixtures for your new kitchen or bath. Knowles Plumbing is situated at 279 Manitoba St., Bracebridge. 705-645-2671

Bathroom Decor: Shiplap

Shiplap in your Bathroom

Traditionally associated with woodland cabins and coastal cottages, the versatility of shiplap makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom. Characterized by long horizontal or vertical wooden boards, shiplap is as much at home alongside modern architecture as it is in rustic properties thanks to its crisp lines and handcrafted quality.

In this Newport Beach bathroom, which benefits from a beautifully high ceiling, white shiplap on the walls has helped to create a light, fresh space by reflecting the natural sunlight. Combined with a darker floor and a marble walk-in shower, the shiplap feels both clean and contemporary, and softens the overall look of the bathroom.

“Shiplap helps create a light, fresh space by reflecting the natural sunlight.”

Natural accessories are befitting of this coastal property, and complement the timeless, beach-like quality of the shiplap perfectly.

Get this Look:

For more ideas from Victoria & Albert and bathroom decor, visit our Muskoka showroom:
Knowles Plumbing, 279 Manitoba St., Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. Muskoka’s Bath and Plumbing Centre.

Text and Photos courtesy of Victoria & Albert.

3 Quick Tips on Buying a Bathroom Vanity


Hello November… the ideal month for giving your home some tender loving care, including a bathroom update! One quick way to freshen a home bath is with a brand new vanity. Knowles Plumbing carries a large selection to choose from. To simplify your search, here are 3 Quick Tips on Buying a New Bathroom Vanity:

1) Choose Your Type

Bathroom vanities come it three basic types: freestanding, wall-hung, and built-in. Freestanding vanities are our top choice for fast and fabulous renovations executed with limited stress. The Knowles Plumbing Showroom in Bracebridge, Ontario stocks a wide range of freestanding vanities from companies such as Stonewood, AHM, Ronbow, and Fairmont.

2) Choose Your Style

Bathroom vanities are available in two basic types: Classic and Modern. Knowles Plumbing‘s showroom displays many options, from retro to chic. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide your choice.

3) Define Your Needs

Whether you’re searching for a small, sleek vanity for your powderoom, or a double-sink option with lots of storage for your master bath, define your needs as specifically as possible. Measure your space before you begin your search, including lengths, widths, and heights. Allow space for door openings, towel bars, and other fixtures. Remember that a vanity top is always about one inch longer than the cabinet itself. For masterbaths and washrooms for the kids, experts encourage homeowners to choose one with lots of drawers and under-counter storage. Some manufacturers integrate towers, shelving, medicine cabinets and mirrors into their designs.

For more information on trends in bathroom design, please visit us in our Knowles Plumbing Showroom, situated at 279 Manitoba St., Bracebridge, ON, CANADA. 705-545-2671

Photo courtesy of Ronbow.

Bathroom Design Trends: Less Is More

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, 2018 is the year to do it. The trends we’re seeing in the industry exude a serene energy that has the potential to totally transform your bathroom experience.

The minimalist design aesthetic

The biggest overarching trend we’re seeing is towards a minimalist design aesthetic. Given that bathrooms are often on the smaller side and equipped with showers, tubs, sinks and toilets, a clean and simple look makes a lot of sense. One way of accomplishing this effect is by using integrated hardware with hidden components that help to create a sleek look with clean lines. Another is by incorporating flush hardware, which looks great and makes cleaning surfaces a breeze, which is something we can all appreciate.

When we’re talking about showers specifically, chrome and clear glass remain the ultimate must-haves for obvious reasons. In keeping with the minimalistic style, people are moving away from the functional, visible mechanism look in favor of more subdued finishings. For bathtubs, this notion of ‘’less is more’’ is most often expressed with rounded or square-like shapes with simple lines, a thin deck with equally thin edges, a subtle overflow and a hidden drain. With all of these elements together, you can create a serene, modern bathroom experience with no loss of functionality.

When it comes to tiling, bigger is better in 2018

We’re seeing a move towards a standard tile size of 24″x24″, offset by smaller grouts and a lot of minimizing tone-on-tone color choices. We’re also seeing a real push towards printed and 3D patterns and textures. Though concrete and wood are still popular design choices, white marble remains king when it comes to the tile material of choice. Adventurous designers can look to the futuristic trend of iridescent tiling being used on accent walls and backsplashes. While still relatively costly, it delivers an incredibly eye-catching result!

Warm, earthy colours

Color is one area in which many people are moving away from minimalism – instead of the neutral palette that has been the norm up until recently, there’s been a recent move towards warmer, earthier colors that add a cozy effect to the room. This, of course, is the ultimate goal of any remodel – to make you want to spend more time in your new space.

For more information on trends in bathroom design, please visit us in our Knowles Plumbing Showroom, situated at 279 Manitoba St., Bracebridge, ON, CANADA.

Source: MAAX

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