The Grandmillenial Trend in your Bath & Kitchen

A mix of “grandma” and “millennial”, the Grandmillennial trend is as nostalgic as it is modern. In bathroom and kitchen design, Grandmillenial combines detailed patterns and intricate ornamentation with warm woods and muted colours, an updated take on vintage decor. Read more…

Three Key Design Elements of a Lakeside Bath

Cheviot Cast Iron Tub

Made popular by the beachy vibes of Netflix’s Grace & Frankie and all those #CoastalGrandmas trending on TikTok, the ‘by-the-sea look’ in home decor is everywhere these days, including bathrooms. In Muskoka we call it the by-the-lake esthetic. To achieve beachy vibes in your bathroom, focus on colour, light, and elements found in seaside communities. … Read more

Give Your Bath That Vintage Feel… Without Looking Dated

There are so many beautiful ways to style a home or living space, but the look and practicality of vintage design is truly one that is tried and true through time. Here are some ways to revamp the main rooms of a home with a vintage-inspired look, with the efficiency of modern functionality. Farmhouse Sinks … Read more

Bath & Kitchen Design: Creating a Gracious Life

Bathroom and kitchen design has always been about “people and making them feel better.” This according to Lun Cheak Tan, vice-president of industrial design at Kohler. In a recent interview with Monocle Magazine, the designer says his focus is to “elevate daily life” by easing burdens and streamlining tasks. The result has been the creation of intelligent toilets and touchless taps, … Read more

Top Seven Trends in Bathroom Design

Black. Marble. Black marble. Exposed pipes. Wall art, wallpaper and wood. It’s all making a comeback this fall. Here’s a quick list of seven features trending in bathroom design in Autumn 2019. 1. Black Bathrooms – Black bathrooms are hitting the scene this year from walls to vanities, sinks and fixtures. 2. Marble – Countertops, … Read more

Funny Bathroom Signs

Keeping things light while we #stayathome, Knowles Plumbing searched up funny bathroom signs. A little inspirational wall art for your next bathroom renovation. Lessons learned while you do your business! Here are some of our favourites: Please remain seated during the entire performance! Just in case you get restless…   Have a Seat, Take a … Read more

White Bathrooms: Some Tips on Achieving The Clean Look

white bathrooms

Crisp, pure, and clean, a white-on-white palette can have an extremely power­ful effect on the mind, clearing visual and mental clutter and paving the way to total relaxation. From tile to fixtures to vanities and accessories, a room drenched in white is calm and peaceful, whether it’s steeped in tradition or sleekly modern. No matter the … Read more

How To Create A Bathroom Spa ahhhhh…

Aria Calando Grande

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the spa. The soothing environment does wonders for the mind, body and soul. While it’s difficult to get away, you can give yourself the gift of serenity by creating a rejuvenating and peaceful setting in your own space. Here are a few ways to create a spa … Read more

Bathroom Trends 2019: Ask Our Experts

Bathroom trends

Planning a bathroom reno for a home or cottage in Muskoka starts at Knowles Plumbing. Our experts can walk you through the latest in bathroom trends 2019, from lit “halo” mirrors to barn-style shower doors, urban rustic bathroom faucets, and seamless, groutless shower stalls.  If your bathroom renovation is just in the planning stages, read … Read more

Bathroom Decor: Shiplap

Shiplap in your Bathroom Traditionally associated with woodland cabins and coastal cottages, the versatility of shiplap makes it the perfect choice for a bathroom. Characterized by long horizontal or vertical wooden boards, shiplap is as much at home alongside modern architecture as it is in rustic properties thanks to its crisp lines and handcrafted quality. … Read more